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30 Apr After years of promising a Mental Ray tutorial I’m finally getting around to it! 3DS Max before jumping to 3rd party render engines and plug-ins. We’ll be rendering this cool exterior shot of the always classy ’81 Delorean. 14 Jun fellow cg pipol, i’ve been searching the net for quite some time now for an exterior rendering tutorial using 3dsmax mental ray. all tutorials i’ve. 31 Aug An in-depth maya Exterior render tutorial using Mental Ray: another free maya For this first step we need something very light, a heavy scene can .. great tutorial. even tho i am using 3ds max , mental ray i finally got.

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Clearly the CG stuff eterior out as too perfect compared to the plate. Infact the sky is enlighted by the Sun a direct light source this light travels and scatters through the athmosphere and finally hits our scene. We should have 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial long talk about gamma For true mirror you tuttorial go to. Mostly you see this in the headlamps reflector. Let’s take a deeper look to them My advise is to use a native Mental Ray shader. Can’t wait to see this tutorial!!

A Sky Dome is an hemisphere that surrounds our scene. I’m working hard on too many projects! I highly recomend you to take a look to the Maya Mental Ray Proxies Tutorial where I explain an effective tecnique to populate maya scenes with hundreds of complex objects like grass and trees! Start free trial now. This will cover just mental ray sun and sky or some materials too? Typically I try to stick to 32 and under to avoid longer render-times, but very soft reflections demand 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial sampling.

Also a number of old comments were stuck in approval limbo. That hemisphere has a light exteripr textured attached to, that texture is based on a Physical Sky model Mental Ray should use the Preetham sky model. Up the Quality of the Unified Sampler?

I have a couple variations on this with different amounts of glossiness, reflectivity and IOR, but they are basically the same material. The reason we make a reduced version for lighting is that more detail in the lighting can create more noise which is undesirable.

From here I leave it to you to play around and see how you might change the look of the render. This parameter will not alter the overall light casting, it’s just a sun apparence setting. Hi Antonio, when can we expect this tutorial? Now exxterior we had setup the overall light parameters we are ready to 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial materials.

Get access now Sign up to get immediate access to this course plus thousands more you can watch anytime, anywhere. Reflections are essentials to achieve photo realistic looks. We use cookies to make interactions with our websites and services easy and meaningful. Hi Antonio, Thank you for your very nice tutorial. I’m actually doing an external render and your tutorial is mwx.

Metal Material is of course checked and 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial Anisotropy is turned up a bit to. If you are looking for a deep explanation of every single attribute and connection please refer to some technical sheet.

White Diffuse because Metal exteeior checked.

More stuff

If you are familiar with real photography you know that your camera 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial responsible of many fundamental aspects such exposure, depth of field, grain, white balance and so on Push the limits of what’s possible. I loved the way you used after effects after the rendered image in 3ds max. We will also see how we can use a post application like Photoshop to add some finishing touches to our final render with a minimal amount of effort.

It’s something like sharpeness. Sort of, we really just have a mismatch in pixel intensities in our HDRI and the lihhting values.

3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial come from the old school “Do the most of the job in the render phase and just little adjustments in post-production”. Mental Ray Sun and Sky is the fastest and powerfull way to enlight you exterior renders in Maya, so I hope you will spend much time to learn how master all its 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial.

When you think these parameters are pretty good, start play with reflection. MentalRay ressources are so rare and this one is really usefull. Hi, your tutorial is amazing. Also working a CG render into a photographic plate will reveal mad that looks off with your model, exposure and materials. I’d like to check out those AE comps but can’t find the download.

We took a first look to Mental Ray Sun and Sky, kental there are still a lot of different approaches that we can use to make great exterior renderings. We want just the shadows so that the car will comp nicely ontop of the plate in After Effects. Accept cookies and close this message.

3ds Max Lighting and Rendering – Simulating Exterior Lighting | Tutorials | AREA by Autodesk

You could, but as Photoshop is pretty horrible at dealing with Bit files and After Effects is great at it our choice is clear. Same goes for Vray actually. Maya exterior render, Mental Ray Exterior.