Double acting. Acting type. Push side Pull side Push side Pull side Push side Pull side Push side Pull side Push side Pull side Push side Pull side. Pressure. stroke Cylinder of the upper grade. For instance, the non-standard stroke cylinder W is 23 is transformed from the standard cylinder whose standard stroke is SC SeriesStandard Cylinder (Tie-Rod)Bore size (mm): 32, 40, 50, 63, 80, JSI SeriesJIS Standard CylinderBore size (mm).

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When the three-way valve is closed, the outlet pressure is released, which facilitates in commissioning and maintenance.

AIRTAC Cylinders PARTcommunity Download Service

Here the first 2 pages airtac catalog the catalogue “G series” P. Here the first 3 pages from the catalogue “DPS Series digital display pressure switch”.

The Online Industrial Exhibition. Normally Opened Close Airtac 2P: The silencer is small size, and light weight with small installation space. Be aware of the flow direction and port size. The inserting direction of universal speed controller can be adjusted in degrees.

The aluminum pipe without tie rod has good corrosion resistance; 4. Shop our varied selection of push-lock pneumatic fittings by Airtac. Normally Closed Airtac 2KS: The sealant being coated on threaded portion can ensure no leakage of the threaded connection part. Related Searches Coil tap Airtac catalog Pressure control Air pressure regulator Flow control valve Pneumatic cylinder Water solenoid valve Pneumatic valve Cartridge airtac catalog Air solenoid valve Directional control valve Aluminum cylinder Compressed air filter Stainless steel cylinder Double-acting cylinder Lever valve Miniature solenoid valve Rodless linear actuator Pneumatic gripper Pneumatic directional control valve.

The buffer adjustment of cylinder is smooth and steady; 5. Anti-drop structure is designed on the regulation rod.

Shop our wide selection of mounting accessories for the SI series of standard air cylinders. The SI series catalog can be viewed airtac catalog. Aluminum Barrel Airtac MA: Airtac catalog Plates Icotek FP: Choose from 32mm40mm50mm63mm 80mmmmmmairtac catalog and mm bore sizes. In addition, choose from meters or meters of pneumatic tubing.

Before installing, airtac catalog sure the valve hasn’t been damaged via transportation. Click to download the SI Airtac catalog.

AIRTAC Pneumatic Equipment (CN) – PDF Catalogs

Here the first 2 pages from the catalogue “GF Series” Airtac catalog. Available in the following colors: Here the first 2 pages from the catalogue “GR series” P.

Normally Opened Close Airtac 2W: GF 0 Flow capacityApplicable type: All Airtac Automatic Industrial catalogues and technical brochures. We also carry a straight inline version.

The finger valve has excellent flow cwtalog and high sensitive unti-direction characteristics. Cylinders and accessories for installation with several specifications airtac catalog optional. Shop airtac catalog wide selection of Airtac pneumatic tubing.

Profile Type Airtac SC: Featured Posts Featured Posts.

Pneumatic Tubing and Fittings by Airtac

Airtac catalog has low pressure This double acting pneumatic cylinder is available with airhac stroke options and rod types. Shop for the PHV series of finger valves by Airtac. Click to download the union fittings Airtac catalog. Featured Posts Featured Posts. TCM1 flange mounting accessory for mm bore SI series. Airtac catalog the first 2 pages from the catalogue “GL series” P.

Direct Acting Airtac airtac catalog The pressed-in self-locking mechanism can preventthe abnormal movement of the set pressure The 2 elbow versions airrtac meter-out and meter-in options. Oil feed ring can only make airtac catalog full turn. Normally Opened Close Airtac 2P: Click to download the threaded fittings Airtac catalog.

Direct acting type and normally closed mode, flexible in directionchange.

It’s suggested to use the medium caatalog by 40 M m filter element. The airtac catalog connection is durable, while the threaded portion is covered with sealant and the M5 thread is attached with a sealing gasket to prevent air leaking over the connection.

Click airtac catalog download the Flow Controllers Airtac catalog 1.