ASTM D – Designation: D /D M – 06 Standard Test Methods for Shear Adhesion of. ASTM D/DM: Standard Test Methods for Shear Adhesion of Pressure- Sensitive Tapes. A summary of ASTM standards relating to pressure sensitive tape is attached. The shear test procedures are also harmonized: ASTM D and PSTC.

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Panels showing stains, discolorations, or numerous scratches are not acceptable. This standard is not included in any packages. Other grades may be used, provided it is? The width of the bar for 75 mm [3 in. France Stock lots. wstm

If it is desirable to test slightly different widths for example, 25 of 50 mm of specimens per 8. Wholesalers ads Partners Websites.

Procedure D measures the shear adhesion of a pressure-sensitive tape to a nonstandard fiberboard, liner board, corrugated board, or other surfaces which is agreed upon for testing. One company reports that, with care, the between laboratory standard deviation and the residual including within roll standard deviation may be higher or lower than reported here, depending on the tape type and manufacturer. The use of an elevated temperature during test tends to reduce the duration astmm the test.

This may be used to compare the shear adhesion of a tape to a particular fiberboard surface or to compare the shear adhesion of a tape to a variety of fiberboard surfaces. ASTM D shearing tester is for the test of lasting adhesive of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, labels and other interrelated products.

China Supplier ASTM D3654 Polymide Tape Lasting Adhesive Test Meter

If you feel that your comments have not received a fair hearing you should make your views known to the ASTM Committee on Standards, at the address shown below.

Some computer programs for data analysis allow the use of right-censored data. To be suitable, materials must be lint free during use, absorbent, contain no additives that are soluble in the solvents listed in 6.

This may or may not relate to the ability of the tape to adhere to other surfaces.

ASTM D3654

Only the sellers and buyers responsability is involved in case of dispute. Please first verify your email before subscribing to alerts. Add to Alert PDF. The surfaces of similar fiberboards may exhibit considerable variation between mills, between batches from one mill, and within batches. Repeat for a total of three washes with this solvent. It may be desirable to mask the exposed adhesive of the free end of the specimen.

Good cohesion is necessary for clean removal. Combining values from the two systems will result in non-conformance with the standard. This gives the test results for the roll of tape under consideration in wstm sampling plan. It is common to test at least? Two cutters, 12 mm [0. The assessment may be within a roll of tape, between rolls or production lots. Warning— All operations with solvents should be conducted in a wellventilated hood.

Roll down the test area twice in each lengthwise direction with the rubber-covered steel roller described in 5. By navigating on aetm website, you accept their use. Special isothermal box for scooters and motorcycles.

ASTM D Standard: Shear Adhesion Tester for Pressure Sensitive Tapes

Where width or other factors causing high adherence to backing make it impossible to remove the specimen at the d365 rate, remove it at a rate as close to mm [30 in. These censored data may have a time to termination rather than a atm to failure. Procedures B, C, and D may be used to determine the shear adhesion of the tapes generally used to close fiberboard boxes in packaging applications. The edges shall be separated by 12 6 0.

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ASTM D shearing tester Cell Instruments Co Import Export

This may be used to compare the shear adhesion of a tape to a particular? If the document is revised or amended, you will be notified by email. Take care in the choice of samples and when comparing results between?

The values stated in each system are not be exact equivalents; therefore, each system shall be used independently of the other. ASTM International takes no position respecting the validity of any patent rights asserted in connection with any item mentioned in this standard.

We invite you to read our terms of use. For Procedures F and G, substitute a? The tape must satm at a true right angle to the bent The precision of tests conducted on nonstandard surfaces may be different than that described in Section Strong conclusions about a speci?

The components of the variance for the following factors were estimated: NOTE 3—Take care that the? NOTE 4—Discard panels showing stains, discoloration, or many scratches.

Current edition approved April 1, The panel is mounted horizontally, tape side up, with the free end of the tape allowed to hang vertically over the rounded end. Standards Subsctiption may be the perfect solution. The resulting means and con? The 24 mm [1 in.