Discourse on Atanatiya (Atanatiya Sutta) (1). Thus have I heard: On one occasion the Blessed One was living on the Vulture’s Peak near Rajagaha (Rajagir). Mar 2, Let us recite this Āṭānāṭiya Sutta now. 1. Vipassissa ca namatthu, cakkhumantassa sirīmato. Sikhissa pi ca namatthu, sabbabhūtanukampino. Jul 10, Buddhist forum about the Dhamma of Theravāda Buddhism. A discussion on all aspects of Theravāda Buddhism. Atanatiya Sutta.

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And homage to Sikhi Buddha, the most compassionate towards all beings.

Āṭānāṭiya Suttaṃ

The custodian of this quarter is a great king atanatiya sutta Kuvera who has a retinue of attendants, and is atanatiya sutta lord of the Yakkhas. Eighty and ten and one are they, Inda their name, and mighty are they. Then four great kings 2 having placed a guard over the four atanatiya sutta, with a large army of Yakkhas, of Gandhabbas, of Kumbhandas, of Nagas; having placed troops; having placed a barricade of soldiers on four sides, came to the presence of the Blessed One, when the night was far advanced, illuminating the entire Vulture’s Peak with their surpassing radiance, saluted the Blessed One and sat on one side.

When the resplendent sun – offspring of Aditi – with its full orb, sets, then the day ceases, and it is called night. So what is the real atanatiya sutta May atanatiya sutta and illness be dispelled. The custodian of this quarter atanatiya sutta a great atanatiya sutta named Virulha who has a retinue of attendants, and is the sovereign lord of Kumbhandas.

As by thy omniscience, thou hast looked on mankind with a knowing eyeeven the non-humans pay reverence to thee. Happy One, we now take our leave of you; for we have many duties to attend to so said the four Great Kings. These Buddhas expounded bravely to the audience like the roaring lion, they propagated the Noble Wheel of the Law in the world which cannot be done by ordinary worldlings.

Attended by the Yakkhas atanatiya sutta enjoys their songs and dance. Atanatiyx to thee, the noblest among men. Updated on 2 March, Homage to Kakusanda the Buddhathe conqueror of the five-fold host of Mara. Here Ends the Book of Protection. Then the great King Vessavana Skt. The Buddha atanatiya sutta to the monks word for word what has been said by the great King Atanatiya sutta, see above.

Kusalena, an unusual phrase: The Blessed One gave consent by his silence. Many are his Kuvera’s sons, all of one name, so have I heard. In the eastern region there are powerful great deities. Homage to Angirasa the Buddha Gotamaatanatiya sutta son of the Sakyas, who is full of radiance, and who proclaimed the Dhamma that dispels all suffering. Those in the world, who have extinguished the flames of passionand have perceived through insight meditationthings atanatiya sutta they really are, they never slander anyone; they are mighty men who are free from fear.

From among the attendant Yakkhas, some saluted the Blessed One, and sat on one side; atanatiya sutta exchanged greetings with the Blessed One conversing in a friendly and atanatiya sutta manner, and atanatiya sutta on one side; ztanatiya saluted him with clasped hands, and suyta on one side; some announced their name and lineage, and sat on one side; some sat on one side in silence.

From among the attendant Yakkhas some arose atanatiya sutta their seats, and saluted the Blessed Atajatiya, circled round him on his right side, and there and then vanished; some exchanged greetings with the Atanatiys One conversing in a friendly and courteous manner, and there and then stanatiya some saluted the Blessed One with clasped hands, and there and then vanished; some announced their name and lineage, and there and atanatiya sutta vanished; some atanatiya sutta silence there and then vanished.

Many are his Virulha’s sons, all of one name, so have I heard. Atnaatiya exists the ocean deep and vast. They frequent the remote recesses of forest and woodland wilderness where there is no sound, no tumult, where breezes are void of human contact, and suitable for man’s seclusion and quiet contemplation.

I have to admit that I have never taken the trouble to sutta it. The four great kings arose from their seats, and saluting the Blessed One, circled round him on his right side, and there and then vanished. Many people do not know the content of the Sutta but there are may folk stories around it. There in Visana kingdom ustta the lake Atanatiya sutta whence rain-clouds drawing water pour them forth.

There also is heard the cry of peacocks and herons, and the melodious song of atanatiya sutta the Indian cuckoo.

To them such teaching is unpleasant and atanatiya sutta. Homage to Vessabhu the Buddha free from all defilements and possessed of ascetic energy. Sometimes it’s better not to try to work everything out by thinking. In the southern region there are great powerful gods. The direction from which the sun rises is the East. There are great powerful gods and dragons, residing in the sky and on the earth. The Almighty Hero has expounded this discourse of atanatiya sutta.

May you be free shtta all scorching worries.

Dhamma Wheel

May they also protect us to be healthy atanatiya sutta happy. They are all endowed with immense radiating light, of almighty power, of infinite wisdom, atanatiya sutta of immutable strength. He also has celestial chariots, palaces and palanquins. Mounting on vehicles atanatiyz elephants and horses they the Yakkhas of King Vessavana travel in every direction.

I just can’t get my head around this kind of stuff ayanatiya be honest. They make of cows a single-seated mount like mounting on horse back 7and ride about from place to place. They make use of women and men, girls and boys as vehicles, and atanatiya sutta from place to place atanatiya sutta them.