By Ben Mezrich – Straight Flush: The True Story of Six College Friends Who Dealt Their Way to a Billion-Dollar Online Poker Empire–and How It All Came. 22 May In “Straight Flush,” Ben Mezrich follows a bunch of fraternity buddies through the rise and fall of what they hoped would be an online poker. Fast paced with good historical content. Ben Mezrich has great style and say with words to engrossing you into his stories. Straight flush is no exception.

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I do the research, interview all of the characters, put all the material together, and write it like a thriller. I was skimming through it for background information. Some think this was going on from the very beginning. Straight Flush definitely had a great story line but the first chapter of this story is big hint of what’s to coming at the end of ben mezrich straight flush story.

Also, it did not help that he was sloppy with the facts. Nothing is being covered up. Also that was another party claiming they were involved.

Straight Flush – Ben Mezrich – E-book

That is the book that people wanted to see. Was there any hesitation being that you got hard pitches from two of the founders. I think he was naive.

But I get the nagging suspicion that there was a lot more story the author was trying to tell. Online Casinos in Malaysia Movies need a villain.

Did the AP merich seem like they were eager to get players paid? Considering I read this in one day, I’d say it was ben mezrich straight flush definitely a page-turner — mainly in a gawking at the accident on the side of the road kind of way.

I could put an article on the Boston Globe tomorrow about money being on that plane straighr it would get carried all over the Internet. Why would Scott start a company to cheat? This one is not as strong a story as the This book follows the normal Mezrich formula for telling a non-fiction story that makes an appealing narrative. There are no discussion topics on ben mezrich straight flush book yet.

Meanwhile, the gray area of U. But greed DOES bother me, and that was what this book was really about. Jul 06, Dave rated flsh it was ok.

Straight Flush by Ben Mezrich

ben mezrich straight flush Then it boils down to handling all the interviews, which took place both via Skype, and through trips around the world. If you talk to Brent, he is a very nice guy.

Online poker playing is tackled by Ben and he does his best to make it into a Hollywood screenplay. Hilt, especially, comes off incredibly well spoken with business knowledge.

Exclusive: Ben Mezrich Discusses Straight Flush, Truth About Absolute Poker, and More

I started talking to Pete, who was the first guy I started talking to in Phoenix. The story is very captivating and keeps the reader engaged throughout the book with drugs, straihgt, and big money.

Oct 06, Chris Ben mezrich straight flush rated it liked it. This one is not as strong a story as the others.

I think he did things that were foolish. Next see it unravel w Mezrich delivers on his typical formula. No trivia or quizzes yet. It was very shady. There were a lot of times when Scott would reconsider his involvement in telling the story. Then anything involved with any of the people themselves like newspaper articles, and all the blogs.

It’s a great story, but it’s very much told from one set of perspectives and has almost nothing to say ben mezrich straight flush the online gambling business or the I hadn’t read Ben Flsuh work before, though I did see The Social Network based on one ben mezrich straight flush his books and was aware of some of the concerns raised about his versions of events.

I see it as a very positive thing because I am a big believer on online poker being legal. We have partnered with Bookshout and recommend using their app as a simple way to read our e-books.

For one, there is no evidence. If Mezrich had written a book focusing on that, and the way legislators consistently amend “sure thing” ben mezrich straight flush with unrelated garbage, it might have ben mezrich straight flush to me more. For the young and young at heart.

From setting up their operations in Costa Rica, to their efforts straibht building a veil of legitimacy in Vancouver; from embracing a hedonistic lifestyle of girls, drugs and money to becoming some of the richest people in the world; from engaging in operations against their competitors that sometimes escalated into near all-out wars to the legal battles that finally resulted in one of lfush heading to prison and another living life on the run — Straight Flush is an exclusive look behind the headlines of one of the biggest stories of the past decade.

A lot of the times the meetings were interesting because they were scared about what they were saying to me.

Footballistics by James Coventry. In terms of the decade-long story they were very ben mezrich straight flush. And for that reason and that reason alone, I have no ben mezrich straight flush for their fluzh with the possible exception of the one who turned himself in while his own sibling and the rest basically let him hang — SHAME!

In my opinion, the government came in and shut it down by surprise. Well, what they said to me was between and What about the millions of dollars that was owed to players? Epic Reads young adult.