Regina Winarski is the author of Beautiful Darkness ( avg rating, ratings, reviews, published ). Depois do ano passado, eu achava que nada poderia ficar pior. Uma descoberta terrível, uma morte trágica Mas pelo menos eu tinha Lena. Ela era a última. 26 ago. Em seu twitter a editora Galera Record presenteou os fãs com a capa de Dezessete Luas! Dezessete Luas é segundo volume da série.

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We get to see a little more Ridley too, who is fantastic and sassy. Notify me of new posts by email. View all 46 comments. The story was good in the end but I was too bored to even care.

Having to accompany Ethan on his journey to “save” Lena was a long, drawn out process.

Everything starts to make sense and it starts to become more interesting towards the end of the book. I am SO disappointed! Lena is like Ever in every way.

Capa e Sinopse de Dezessete Luas!

What if I never met Lena? There’s just not enough I like about these books to commit to another series of too big books. The ancient folks forgot to safeguard against the garden sheers. Beautiful Creatures 4 books. I don’t care to continue on with this series. I really think the authors could have shortened these by at least a hundred pages if they’d dszessete taken out unnecessary description and inner dialogue.

I mean, there’s plenty of action, new interesting facts we learn and new cool enemies our heroes are fighting against, but reading this book was still more of a duty to me than a pleasure.

The only thing that makes this slightly bearable is the fact that Ethan is the narrator.

This also left me wondering why the hell Ethan was so obsessively in love with Lena, especially since there were so many more ouas things about Ethan I wanted to know about, such as the return of his dad into his life after the events of the previous story.

Posted October 24, at 9: I’d be much more angry than Ethan and wouldn’t have been so grateful for Lena’s attention. Why oh why did I feel compelled to buy the whole series in one go? With the first book, Beautiful Creatures, I had some issues with the wishy-washy annoyances what-not. I hope Beautiful Chaos won’t be as bad as this. Lena loved me so much, she was willing to risk everything to save me. Puas magic always claims you on your sixteenth moon except for when it doesn’t About Arras WordPress Theme.

I am interested to see what happens between these two, especially after the ending left me questioning Ridley’s motives yet again. Want to Read saving…. Will there be a second movie? Trivia Sezessete Beautiful Darknes But then she did.

Not to mention how Ethan totally leads Liv on when he has no feelings for her. I started skimming after a while. I own a copy of this book. I do not even know dezessere I ended up here, but Sezessete thought this post was great.

Dezessete Luas

She goes with her evil cousin to a supernatural bar he kisses another girl bla bla bla barf! Oh WHY am I so different! Lena loses a relative and she blames it on her self. Here is my whole issue with this series. I received no outside person comments or opinions. Cut it in half and it would be a fun breezy read, but instead it feels like a burden if you are not invested in the characters.

Just wanted to say keep up the great job! I just hate to give any book 1 star and that’s the only reason I gave it two stars. Proof of that love we had. And if I read 3 then I’ll probably read 4 too, so my decision is about 2 books. She held out her arms and drew me into them because, for the first time, I was the one who was crying.