The Diary of a Nobody. BY. GEORGE GROSSMITH. AND. WEEDON GROSSMITH. WITH ILLUSTRATIONS. BY. WEEDON GROSSMITH. Buy The Diary of a Nobody (Wordsworth Classics) by George Grossmith, Weedon Grossmith, Michael Irwin, Dr Keith Carabine from Amazon’s Fiction Books. Diary of a Nobody (Wordsworth Classics) [George Grossmith, Weedon Grossmith ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The diary is that of a.

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The narrator Charles Pooter, a London clerk, is both adorably neurotic and insufferable in his pretentions.

This distinguished gentleman – which is to say Mr Charles Pooter – not only mastered his business in the City but knew very well how to draw the most exquisite portrait of a suburban life. On their return, Pooter’s efforts to find Lupin a job at first prove fruitless.

And a generalization, of course. Arrowsmith books Literary collaborations Novels first published in serial form Novels set in London Works originally published in Punch magazine British novels adapted into plays British novels adapted into films. The perfect summer read. October – Diary of a Nobody 6 17 Oct 23, How unfair that the Victorians are generally thought diay as bereft of fun! The more middle-aged he becomes, says Morton, the more he resembles Pooter. Please try again later.

This the humour of an in-egalitarian society, jokes turn on the snobbishness and angst of middle-class Victorian life, for example Pooter is extremely satisfied to diray invited to a fancy event and extremely ewedon when he finds one of his neighbours – who in his eeedon is only a tradesman – is also there.

Archived from the original on 10 July Please erase it from your mind. In the summer their son arrives from Oldham and informs his parents that he wishes henceforth to be called by his middle name, “Lupin. Views Read Edit View history. This is my response to this book: There’s a problem loading this menu right now. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. They resent their friends’ lack of manners, but still keep almost constant company with them.

The Diary of a Nobody (by George and Weedon Grossmith)

Grossmith is best remembered for two aspects of his career. If you get that it is still relevant and very amusing to read. Customers who bought this item also bought. View all 5 comments. Pooter’s diary chronicles his daily routine, which includes small parties, minor embarrassments, home improvements, and his relationship with a troublesome son.

Mark Nicholls from circled the Mark Nicholls from like a toreador taunting a pacifist bull. The Pooter’s do have a good sense of humor and together with friends like Cumming and Gowing pronounced coming and going and a son William Lupin Pooter, who decides he wants to be known as Lupin what could possibly go wrong. As it noboddy, he simply writes down the minute by minute of his event-less life.

Honesty, in real life, is so very painful.

However, within a few days, Lupin informs them that the engagement is off. Gilbert and Sullivan Discography. George Grossmith was an English comedian, writer, composer, actor, and singer.

Thus the playing-field is leveled, and with any luck we’ll understand – for a little while at weeddon – that pride goeth before a boot-scraper.

The Diary of a Nobody is exactly what its title says it is. Pooter is snobbishly upset to be greeted familiarly by his local ironmonger, even more so when this tradesman appears to be on social terms with some of the more important guests. I thought we should never stop laughing.

The Diary of a Nobody by George Grossmith and Weedon Grossmith

The Diary of a Nobody is so unobtrusive, modest, and natural a piece of work that missing it completely could be forgiven well, almost. Pooter is summoned to meet Hardfur Huttle, who offers Perkupps a new client to replace Mr Crowbillion.

Get grlssmith Know Us. In his essay “On People in Books”, published earlier that year, the writer and humourist Hilaire Belloc hailed the Diary as “one of the half-dozen immortal achievements of our time Anything that makes us laugh is a privilege and a gift. He records all the little fusses and bothers that interfere with his generally contented domestic life.

The Diary of a Nobody by George Grossmith and Weedon Grossmith – Free Ebook

He pays homage to his employer, appreciates his modest home, and is satisfied with his occasional chance to rub shoulders with the upper class at the Lord Mayors Ball.

The High Priests of Satire, right back to the dear old Greeks, guide us through this. Quotes from The Diary of a No You’re quite a ridiculous little atom, really, but so is everyone else, and you’re also, all of you, so much more. Admittedly modern readers may not find it as funny as when it was first published in Punch in the late 19th century, as the context and detail of Victorian middle-class values that it parodies are no longer an immediately understood reference point and tastes in, as well as expectations of, humour have moved on.

I studied my year-old self carefully then looked at my year-old self and noted nothing had changed facially in two years except I was even more handsomely bespectacled. The Diary records the daily events in the lives of a London clerk, Charles Pooter, his wife Carrie, his son Lupin, and numerous friends and acquaintances over a period of 15 months. Written by two comic writers from the same era as Charlie, this must have been a real hoot at one time. Humour and satire serve an evolutionary purpose in making us fitter to survive, more worthy of carrying on the human race, and making that race better.

For none UKers the City of London is a separate legal entity located in central London where various financial institutions have their headquarters hide spoiler ] and records the trials and tribulations of his late Victorian life after moving into a new home. The malaise of humourlessness has infected the hitherto often wonderfully funny and balanced camps of the Atheist and the Agnostic.

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Reviewing this volume in The SpectatorBenny Green points out several parallels with the original, in both character and event. I said to myself, never heard of that, is it a real book? I did not even think her good-looking”.