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1 Jan Buy DIN EN STEEL STATIC STORAGE SYSTEMS – APPLICATION AND MAINTENANCE OF STORAGE EQUIPMENT from SAI. Inspection, maintenance and repair of rack systems to DIN EN , the DGUV rule and 1 Aug Steel static storage systems – Application and maintenance of storage equipment; German version EN

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The practice-oriented course is given by a competent team of trainers.

Were damages found on your racking and shelving systems? The damage to the component needs to be fixed. Damaged crossbars must also always be replaced. The racking and shelving inspection has taken place. There is thus an urgent need to repair or replace the affected components.

As certified rack inspectors we 15653 authorized to carry out the respective controls in compliance with DIN EN An inspection of racks and shelves must be carried out at least every 12 months by a competent person.

Inspection of shelves according to DIN EN – Strohmeier GmbH GB

According to the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Berlin, racks and shelves are work equipment and are therefore subject to the Ordinance on industrial safety and health BetrSichV. Warehouse operators are responsible for ensuring that their work equipment including racks is in safe condition, and for ensuring the safety of employees, i.

You can find out what cookies we use, what they do and how you can disable them in our Cookie Policy. They receive a certificate and an official identity card. The German Association of Storage and Associated Equipment Manufacturers and diin members compiled a checklist 156335 ensure optimal racking and shelving inspection.

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The results of the inspection are then logged. We have compiled an overview of the full range of racking and shelving inspections, applicable standards, obligations of the operator of racking and shelving systems, measures to be taken through to rack and shelf repairs.

The BetrSichV applies to the provision of shelves by the employer as well as to the use of shelves by the employees. Repairs to damaged components shall not be allowed unless approved by the equipment supplier: The inspection is carried out during ongoing operation.

Operators must be trained to report all damage. Original parts must be used to avoid risks during repairs of racks and shelves and protect those carrying out the repairs.

The regular inspections we provide support your efforts to follow industrial safety regulations for the sake of your company, thus increasing the safety at work and preventing injury to persons as well as material damage.

Random checks are made to ensure that maximum load capacities are not exceeded. A fair copy of the inspection record will be sent to you by post together with a possible repair offer.

Responsibility lies with the employer. In order to affect your operational procedures as less as possible by our services we are highly flexible. Automated small parts stora Mobile Shelving Kanban Shelving for Product Mezzanines and Steel Struct The results are logged accordingly and the warehouse is assigned an inspection plaque. Inspection process The storage system inspection does not require an interruption of your operations and include the following services: If a damaged component has been relieved, repairs must only be carried out before it is loaded again.

This classification level refers to damages that significantly affect the load capacities of the components. Please ask your quotation via our contact form.

Racking Inspection – DIN EN 15635

How are repairs carried out. For a qualified inspection, it is imperative that the inspector has access to the structural racking analysis. Damaged rack columns must be replaced.

The storage system inspection does not require an interruption of your operations and include the following services: Our certified rack system inspectors are available and happy to help with these legally required expert inspections. Damaged components should not 156335 repaired but completely replaced. The racking column is the most important component.