Shri Guru Granth Darpan by Professor Sahib Singh (Pdf). Click Here To Download. Posted 2nd May by Akash Pannu. Labels: Punjabi PDF Sikhism . Professor Sahib Singh was a Sikh academic who made a contribution to Sikh literature. He was a grammarian,author,scholar and Singh . 2 Jan The person who sent the mail is working on translating Prof. Sahib Singh’s Guru Granth Darpan. He wants to know sangat’s opinion on the.

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Sahib Singh

Archived copy as title link. He also worked as principal at the Gurmat College, Patiala. When his son moved to PatialaBhai ji took classes at Gurmat college in Patiala.

Sahib Sihgh, now commonly known as Professor Sahib Singh, took part in the Gurdwara Reform movement in the twenties of the century. Sign in Already have an account?

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. After passing the tenth grade, Bhai Sahib joined a local school.

Prof. Sahib Singh’s Guru Granth Darpan – WHAT’S HAPPENING? – SIKH SANGAT

Posted January 2, I think the translation is good and good for all to understand. Teeka of sri guru granth sahib ji by bhai vir singh ji, note: Important Information Terms of Use.

Sahib Singh’s contribution to Sikh studies and Punjabi letters received wide recognition in his own lifetime. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Winning a scholarship at his middle standard examination, Natthu Ram joined the high school at Pasrur where he received in the rites of the Khalsa and his new name Sahib Singh.

As such one might argue the compartmentalization of pgof for a person is good. Archived from the original on 17 September Sahib Singh was a very strong willed person and remained in eternal happiness.

Retrieved 14 September By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Posted January 3, Later, he applied for a job with the postal department, and got the job, borrowing 20 Rs from his house maid as traveling expenses. It was the time when he stopped learning Persian and started learning Sanskritwhich later on helped him in understanding Guru Granth Sahib ji. In Bhai ji was again arrested when he took part in Jaito Morcha.

Sahib Singh one is quite popular. I have been sent a few pages of translation by someone in email. We are all equal.

Soon Bhai Sahib Singhs’ desire for higher education became so great that he left home. Sahib Singh’s financial situation had improved by this time so that he was able to pay back his debts.

By mahandulai Started 11 hours ago. Retiring from the Khalsa College, Amritsar, after many a long year of unbroken and luminous scholarly work, he became principal of the Shahid Sikh missionary College.

No exegetical work since the publication of this book in has been possible without resort to the fundamental principles enunciated in it, especially those concerning the interpretation of vowel endings in inflexions of nouns and verbs.

I am attaching the part translated by him. Sikhism Portal Indian religions Portal.

In Sahib Singh ji retired from this college to take up a post as Principal at Shaheed Missionary college, Amritsar. Please mitro and shaheliyo give some input so that the person can move on with the project.

Guru Granth Darpan

Indian philosophy Indian religions Sikhism. From to he remained at Khalsa College producing grabth succession of learned works and commentaries on the Sikh sacred texts.

Sahib Singh wrote extensively in Punjabi, but most of his works have now been translated into English, Hindi and other prominent world languages. The translations mention the pdf page numbers from Prof.