1,2-Cyclohexane dicarboxylic acid diisononyl ester is a plasticizer for the manufacture of Hexamoll DINCH had been included by its chemical name in. Get instant access to Hexamoll® DINCH technical datasheet. This plasticizer is suitable for use in toys, medical devices, food packaging, sports equipment etc. 14 May The various innovations include Hexamoll Dinch, a plasticizer with an excellent toxicological profile and one of the most researched market.

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Hexamoll Dinch, 200 KGS

Versatile non-naphthalene plasticizer specially intended for use in applications that involve intimate human contact. In the case hexamolk the catalytic hydrogenation the aromatic part of the diisononyl phthalate is transformed to a cyclohexane ring by a formal addition of 6 hydrogen atoms while the alkyl and ester groups are not affected by the hydrogenation. Views Read Edit View history. Please enter your name.

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Choose your language This site is available in the following languages: Safety of plasticizer, an important adjuvant of plastic products, is drawing the public attention. Industry Please choose your industry. According to a panel appointed by the French Agency for the Dincch of Health Products ANSMthere is very little clinical assessment data regarding the toxicity, migration from Medical Devices and population exposure of alternative plasticizers e.

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Suspendisse hendrerit dolor sed eros molestie, sit amet aliquet ligula egestas. Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology.

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A safe touch

Duis sodales ante risus. Plasticizer is extensively used in daily life, particularly in products made from the versatile plastic Hexamill. Over a decade ago, Vinyl Tech started to develop its own brand. Get Latest Price Request a quote.

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When young children discover something new, one of the first things they do is — put it in their mouth. Higher awareness among the general public of phthalates used in sensitive applications, as well as stricter standards set by legislative entities have made the Asian manufacturers switching their production to alternative plasticizers, like Hexamoll DINCH.

A team of procuring experts conducts variegated market surveys and researchers to find out the best manufacturers of the market and associate ourselves with them for procuring quality products. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Safe plasticizer for pvc and other polymers. Vestibulum efficitur neque eu augue cursus, sit amet sagittis purus pretium. Hulpmiddelen Links naar deze pagina Verwante wijzigingen Bestand uploaden Speciale pagina’s Permanente koppeling Paginagegevens Wikidata-item Deze pagina citeren.

In the European Union the European Food Safety Authority has approved 1,2-cyclohexane dicarboxylic acid diisononyl ester for a wide variety of food contact applications in October The safety challenges of plasticizer inspired him with an opportunity for product differentiation — finding a safe plasticizer for the vinyl flooring.

Sub Industry Please choose sub-industry. Plasticizers go into a wide area of applications, ranging from electrical underground cables to medical devices. The various innovations include Hexamoll Dinch, a plasticizer with an excellent toxicological profile and one of the most researched market, perfectly prepared to comply with the Reach, the new European legislation on chemical substances legislation.

Backed by a team of proficient professionals, We have been able to stand ahead of our counterparts. Hence, the requirements of plasticizers are as diverse as the possible applications and there are specific plasticizers to fulfill them. Nulla dignissim augue sed mauris pretium, at volutpat ipsum suscipit. Asia, in particular China, being the growth engine is no doubt also applicable to the plasticizer industry.

To ensure the safety of our range till the end user, We provide it in qualitative and hygienic packaging material. DINCH werd in door BASF op de markt gebracht als weekmaker voor PVC ter vervanging van de ftalaatweekmakerswaarvan het gebruik aan beperkingen onderhevig is omwille van mogelijke gezondheidseffecten.

Hexamoll® DINCH (Plasticizer) by BASF: Technical Datasheet

Lorem ipsum doloramet consetetur. Carboxylaatester Cyclische verbinding Weekmaker. Furthermore, some brands promoting healthy lifestyles also are starting to switch to these alternative plasticizers, for instance, yoga mats, gloves and food packaging products. Like the boiling water that softens the ddinch, plasticizers act like a lubricant between einch molecule chains of the polymer and make the plastic as soft and flexible as is required for the intended application.

Safety of these PVC toys is of great importance. Sed at hexamolk nec nisl convallis venenatis id in turpis. In its early days of setup, it provided foundry services as an original equipment manufacturer to well-known vinyl flooring brands. From a chemical point of view it belongs to the group of aliphatic esters. Het is een di-ester van het dicarbonzuur 1,2-cyclohexaandicarbonzuur.

Hexamoll Dinch applies to: