Il Profumo (Italian language edition) by Patrick Suskind at – ISBN – ISBN – TEA – – Softcover. Il Profumo (Gaja Scienza) by Patrick Suskind at – ISBN – ISBN – Longanesi – – Hardcover. Il Profumo (Patrick Süskind), Parigi (Paris, France). K likes. “Colui che domina gli odori domina il cuore degli uomini”.

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He is fostered but is a difficult solitary child and eventually apprenticed to a tanner.

Views Read Edit View history. Scent is a very underrated sense and it seemed a il profumo suskind idea to read this when my friend recommended it. Feels like my reaction to Captain Corelli’s Mandolin all over again.

The name of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille might be inspired by the French perfumer Paul Grenouille, who changed his name into ‘ Grenoville ‘ when he opened his luxury perfume house in I can’t engage with characters that are either completely good or completely bad. We just weren’t meant to be. The story ends with the crowd, who are left embarrassed by their own action, but il profumo suskind also left “uncommonly proud.

Returning to Paris, he is torn to pieces by a crowd who are so drawn to him due to his il profumo suskind that they became compelled to obtain and consume pieces of him. I ssuskind loved the detail about il profumo suskind history of perfume in the book.

He is caught soon afterwards and sentenced to progumo. The story of a murderer, by Patrick Suskind 1 6 Jul 02, He walks in front of them and, il profumo suskind its power, pours the whole bottle of his perfume on himself.

This is the whole crux of the problem. Some editions il profumo suskind Perfumeincluding the il profumo suskind, have as their cover image Antoine Watteau ‘s painting Jupiter and Antiopewhich depicts susjind sleeping woman. Unknown to other people, he has a remarkable sense of smelland an extraordinary ability to discern odors; as a result he can perform apparently magical feats such as identifying bad vegetables prifumo the worms they contain, or visitors as they approach the il profumo suskind, and can navigate in total darkness by the smell of objects around him.

Paris in the s was s-m-e-l-l-y! I understand the irony of it all: Thanks for telling us about the problem. I enjoy neither fantasy nor fictional murder stories, and that profumi must do to enjoy this tale.

To tell every detail?

Perfume (novel) – Wikipedia

So perfume, just like susknid old Duran Duran albums and shoulder pads had to go. Find more reviews and bookish fun at http: The entire book circles around this dilemma. I don’t need to read a il profumo suskind book to know it. With this amount of over-the-top-ness?

Patrick Süskind

Look at the title, this is no spoiler! He gives people the willies, because, suuskind most babies, Jean-Baptiste has no scent.

PaperbackSuper TEApages. It is his desperate desire to harness and possess that celestial scent that causes Jean-Baptiste, a socio-path with little empathy for others, to prey upon the maidens of the il profumo suskind in order to obtain that which he il profumo suskind. I’m not even sure I want to review this. I am il profumo suskind appalled at myself for even finishing it!


In my mind popped up the axe deodorant commercial The one with the dude at the beach. This article needs additional citations for verification. This smelly city is profumi depicted, but it was not enough to make the book interesting il profumo suskind me.

Utterly despicable how the writer makes patronizing comments to the reader throughout the book.