Puratan Janamsakhi Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji Ki Script, Gurmukhi. Language, Panjabi. Custodian, Punjab Languages Department. Puratan Janam Sakhi Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Bhai Vir Singh is regarded as the founder and creator of Punjabi Literature and was a revered writer and poet. 3 Nov A video in Punjabi from Sikh Gurbani Program Raghbir Singh Samagh . According to the Puratan Janamsakhi Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born in.

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Panjab Digital Library – Digitization of Janam Sakhi Guru Nanak Dev Ji

The Birth of the Guru. The four Janamsakhis that have survived into the modern era include the BalaMiharbanAdi and Puratan versions, and each hagiography contradicts the other. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He was sent to learn Persian at the age of nine but returned home and continued to sit in silence.

Guru Nanak at Hassan Abdal. Guru Nanak and the Vaishno janam sakhi guru nanak dev ji in punjabi. Articles lacking in-text citations from December All articles lacking in-text citations Articles containing Punjabi-language text. Of the still existing copies of the Puratan Janam-sakhis the two most important were the Colebrooke and Hafizabad versions.

It is said to have been written in AD by one Sewa Das. There are good reasons to doubt this contention:. The sect is now extinct. They all record miraculous acts and supernatural conversations.

Its lengthy sequel, Suraj Parkash carries the acount up to the tenth Guru and contains a janam sakhi guru nanak dev ji in punjabi proportion of historical fact, this was completed in This is probably the most popular and well known Janamsakhi, in that most Sikhs and their Janamsakhi knowledge comes from this document.

How many Sikhs did Guru Nanak have?

Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. The main janamsakhis which scholars over the years have referred to are as follows:.

We j this app in hindi because there is very less information available in hindi about Guru Nanak Dev ji. Export a Text file For BibTex. Export Citation Export to RefWorks. Here he took up employment with Daulat Khan. Guru Nanak Grazing Buffaloes. A renowned Sikh scholar, Gurmukh Singh of the Oriental College, Lahore, found another janamsakhi at Hafizabad which was very similar to that found by Colebrook.

Puratan Janam Sakhi Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji – SikhBookClub

Guru Nanak has been called “one of the greatest religious innovators of all time”. Guru Nanak in Turkey.

Colebrooke and is accordingly known as the Colebrooke or Vailaitwali Janamsakhi. One God for the rich and After im one day he gave up reading and puhjabi the pundit asked him why Guru Ji lapsed into silence and instructed him at length in the vanity of worldly learning and the contrasting value of the Divine Name of Janam sakhi guru nanak dev ji in punjabi.

Become a SikhNet Sponsor. In the year a copy of a janamasakhi was dispatched by the India Office Library in London for the use of Dr.


Guru Nanak in Tibet Quotes. The texts also claim Guru Nanak’s body vanished after his death and left behind fragrant flowers, which Hindus and Muslims then divided, one to cremate and other janam sakhi guru nanak dev ji in punjabi bury.

This app is for education purpose. Sometime later Nanak moved to Sultanpur where his sister Nanaki was married. Sikh literature Guru Nanak Dev. These compositions have been written at various stages after the demise of the first Guru.

The famous historian, Karam Singh, mentions half a dozen he came upnjabi in his travels.

The Minas were a robber tribe and in Punjabi the word has come to mean someone who conceals his true evil intent. His father Kalu was a khatri of the Bedi sub-cast and lived in a village Rai Bhoi di Talwandi; his mother’s name is not given. The Udasisthe Minas and the Handalis. Sodhi Miharban who gives his janam sakhi guru nanak dev ji in punjabi to the janam-sakhi was closely associated to the Mina sect and the Minas were very hostile towards the Gurus around the period of Guru Arjun Dev Ji.

These compositions have been written at various stages after the death of the first guru.