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Due to a bomb threat in Old Main classes were cancelled during the afternoon. Bob Jansen and Don Beetcher are part of the crew that keeps the station operating eight hours a day. Wayne E Grantsburg, Wise. Karl Morevek presents a trophy to Bob Peck for kteel performance in football.

Among this year’s freshman were: Geography-Geology Oesris, Alana R.

Call SAM for High voltage IGBT, power IGBT, circuit, IGBT transistor.

Photographers not pictured are Robert Nelson and Jim Dickison. The throne was a replica of a Gemini Space Capsule.

The graduates and their relatives and friends were invited to a continental-style breakfast in the Hiawatha Room prior to the ceremonies. All proccdos were donated to the American Cancer Society.


In the field of guidance Dr. During the lreel the Little Gallery, a new display was kree, and Wally’s Bakery was acquired for a sculpture facility annex. Bergman, Yvonne Cushing, Wise. The grant was used to purchase high quality microscopes, which are used primarily in the medical technology program. The Dickens, a folk quartet, were an instant success on the University campus as were the Silver Brothers, Arnie and Mark. He was a unanimous all-conference selection and was voted most valuable player on the Yellowjacket squad for the second year in a row.

Luke’s Hospital in Duluth in order to tour the laboratory facilities. Walter Misna, Kathleen 68,, Modeon. The other major purpose is to establish and maintain regulations in regard to rushing, pledging, and initiation of new members into the individual sororities which lie within the jurisdiction of the council. History Chicoine, Bruce 8. The bomb threat to WSU-S, which is the oldest continuously accredited state-supported school in Wisconsin, was also handled without incident. Sarzyna, N, Krecl, R.

Delta Sigma; Spanish Club, treasurer; Hillel. Donna Marie Dcbolt and her accompanist entertain at the Kresl following spring break.

Geography Lindquist, Larry E. English Koerper, Amelia L. Carole Kongcvick and Kay Krele talk to a friend after dinner.

Search and browse yearbooks online. This past year the Student Government placed much emphasis on the restruction of the representative system, freshman orientation, liberalization of women’s dormitory hours, and teacher evaluation. Timothy Robinson, Sheila Roesch.

Teresa Nolden, Terrence J. Sodology-English Finstad, Betty A. The campus facilities continued to grow and the office space for the administration increased considerably. Basile, Rosemary Newark, N. The most improved player award went to next year’s captain Jerry Peck. Jackie Donnelly, and Sue Dehn realize they are on in two minutes. The new Alpha Sigma Chi fraternity entered its first competition with the established Greek organizations and was declared winner of the skits.

Advisor to the Gitch is Mrs. Sno-Week activities included an all-school ice skating party and pie eating contest in addition to the traditional Greek events. The number of pages increased from to v each page being glossy paper.

Doctrine and Covenants 97

Johnson, Christine S, Shell Lake. The winners in the ski races were Kris Carlson in women’s downhill and slalom; Carol Lindsey in women’s obstacle; Ron Sigler in men’s slalom; Jerry Hennell in men’s downhill; and Brian Sharon in men’s obstacle. Rctzer G Wosley, D. Willy Nilly Barry Fishier brings mail to Mrs. Superior, Wise, Elementary Ed.

The club held a party each month to which a sorority was invited and other social activities included a smorgosboard and a smelting party. Norman Christiansen, Kelvin 52, Christianson. Charles Johns learns from Tim Nicholson the proper method of fencing. In the yard run he was second in the conference. Members participated in the Sno-Week sculpture contest, various fund raising projects, and the coffee hour for Dr.

Text from Pages 1 – of the volume: The department curriculum has centered on the area of clinical, experimental, educational, and industrial psychology. First grader dd McCaskill learn the proper way to paste from student teacher Grctchen Mcolmurry.

Paul 87 Music Muttonen, Robert W. The choir was an intregal part of the Oratorio chorus, presented a Community Concert, and comprised one section of the Requiem chorus with the Duluth Symphony. With the proposed construction of a new sports arena for the University and city, the Yellowjackets hockey fortunes may brighten.