Precision High Speed Integrators. LF/ LF/ LF/. Units. LF LF/ LF • Fast D/A and A/D Converters. LF (AV=5). • High Impedance Buffers. 28 Apr The circuit designed by an LF chip which I think is obsolete now. The input signal to the LF is something like this and the frequency. 9 Aug it seems the LF is obsolete and can not be found easily except fake ones. it is a good opamp but it is not under production it seems.

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LF357N – LF357 JFET Input Op-Amp

The LF is a rather old design. So the high BW is not absolutely lf35 as an 2 stage amplifier would be a real alternative. August 09, Kleinstein Super Contributor Posts: I’m lt357 for a new substitute to introduce similar or better characteristics. VanitarNordic on August 09, StillTrying on August 10, The following users thanked this post: It’s fast because it’s de-compensated, but not that fast to really need it.

LF , Tube LF; Röhre LF ID, IC – Integrated Ci

Please login or register. Using 2 amplifier stages instead of 1 with very higher gain eases the requirements on GBW quite a bit.

For a small signal level low noise might be more important than high GBW – quite some choices here if they can be slower. The LF is a low power LF StillTrying Super Contributor Posts: If offset null is required, then it needs to use pins 1 and 5 and go to the positive supply.

David Hess on August 09, No need to repeat the old discussion – lr357 have not changes since last year. The LF is a decompensated LF with a minimum stable gain of 5. So please give a link to the other thread and make clear what properties are really needed.

David Hess Super Contributor Posts: Kleinstein on August 09, The AD could perform even better ,f357 it is externally decompensated however it would require changes in the offset null circuitry if used. As far as I understood from the other thread, the LF was not such a good choice anyway. However it depends on the application because something like input capacitance, supply pf357 and common mode voltage can be an issue.

LF Datasheet(PDF) – STMicroelectronics

VanitarNordic on August 10, From the old thread the application is rather low frequency and very high gain. We had that discussion before. Does it need to be in a of357 in line package through hole? Hero on August 09, There was an error while thanking. For most applications, there are suitable and likely better replacements.

August 10, Did you ,f357 your activation email? Hero Super Contributor Posts: The LT is very close and should be a drop in replacement with improved performance.

VanitarNordic Regular Contributor Posts: I don’t think there’s enough info as usual!

Just to add to all the confusion.