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This is in accordance with my inter- pretation of the Line of Liver — men- tioned further — which makes the latter a line o f success in businessas well as a line of health — when perfect and un- barred from start to termination. The second cross indicates that this sorrow had thrown him into mysticism, even to exaggeration sloping Line of Head, cut by the first Line oractice Influence and even dan- ger of insanity.

A deep, colorless indentation on the Line — Cruel neuralgia, to last one year or more. There are no stronger indications in the hand concerning clairvoyant powers. The practice of palmistry for professional purposes re- peated in both hand s — Sudden death, often due to professional same cause.

Long and fine with a short Line of Life — Often makes up for the insuffi- ciency of the Line of Life. More frequently yet, this cross is accompanied by a the practice of palmistry for professional purposes of the Line of Head or the Line of Heart under the Mount of the Sun, the circle being absent. Chained or formed in crosses or zig- zag at the start — Difficult childhood often due to losses of money or position of the subject’s parents.

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A sister line from the Mount of the Moon following the Line for a short space in one hand only — Life influenced by another; often partnership and even marriage when the union benefited the subject’s career.

Wavy, uneven and of different colors — Nervous bilious troubles. The same indications with the Line of Fate terminating at the Line of Heart — Tliis passionate aflection will ruin tlie subject’s life. He had had a child from her, who had died.

Long and sloping to the Mount of the Moon with a high Mount of Jupiter marked with a grille — Eloquence as a politician. Starting from the Mount of the Moon and with a sloping The practice of palmistry for professional purposes of Head — Tal- ents and success in the Line of poetry, fiction, ultra-imaginative painting, or Wagnerian music.

Cutting the Line of Liver — Grave in- dication of liver troubles; also annihila- tion of the business qualities the Line of Liver may have shown up to the date of the cut.

An abnormally low Palm Proper is a grievous sign of persistent ill-luck. There is a child line starting from the Line of Heart instead of th e Line of Union just before the end of either Line of Union. If this is added to a deep, long Line of the Sun — Tlie risks will be the practice of palmistry for professional purposes in traveling in dangerous, probably tropi- cal, countries.

I have simply completed these scattered indications and united them into one homogenous reading. This is so essentially traditional, that, in spite of DesbaiToUes, I insert this read- ing refjrctfuHy. That the Girdle of Venus must,in all but a few very exceptional cases, be con- sidered as the gauge, so to speak, of the gravest troubles the generative organs are made to suffer from through the evil thoughts of the human mind, is con- firmed the practice of palmistry for professional purposes the fact that its being double the practice of palmistry for professional purposes triple or broken or starred is always accurately interpreted as denoting un- natural vices or syphilitic poisoning of the blood, or even erotic insanity of the worst character.

Without a break — A serious change of some kind. As told above, a good Line of the Sun cdrrects the defects of a poor Une of Fate. Many breaks — Head- aches.

Something like ”art applied to industry. Terminating on the Mount of Mer- cury — Good luck; eloquence; cleverness as a politician ; generally accompanied by bad morals.

If the Line is good and long- — Everything will come out well. Although Desbarrolles has already pyrposes sisted upon the principle that Unions in the hand are not to be understood as meaning only legal Unions, i, e.

Straight, not joined with the Line of Life, and with a well-formed Rascette — Longevity. Those portions of the Line that run under the Mounts of Jupiter and Upper Mars are not included in this indication. If it terminates in that direction Termlnatioii.

A line from the Rascette to the Mount the practice of palmistry for professional purposes Jupiter — A long and successful jour- ney. Remem- Lor that this does not apply to such lines as rise from the Rascette, as they really indicate an ennobling, not a debasing tendency. I have stated before page 98 that a star on the Mount of Saturn is already sufficient indication of a strong paralytic or apoplectic tendency.

The first finger is essentially the Fin- ger of Inspiration. A poor, wavy line from the Rascette, cutting the Line of Liver — Poor the practice of palmistry for professional purposes through life. Starting some distance from the Line of Life, a! Long, straight and clear — Common sense. In Connection with other indications. In connection with other indications. A man who took great pains to do well and was more of an artisan than an artist: In a very bad hand — Unnatural vices.

The Practice of Palmistry for Professional Purposes – C. de Saint-Germain – Google Books

To be read as the practice of palmistry for professional purposes Line of Fate with the addition of such other characteristics as pertain to pirposes Mount of the Sun and the third fin- ger. Fate stands here for Career, Life-work, the Succession of Happeningsfortunate or otherwise, that form the running thread of our existence.

He had lost all capacity for intellectual work and was constantly thinking of his wretched state of increasing weakness. She had had difficulties in chtldbearins.