General Catalog Caged Ball LM Guide Global Standard Size Model SHS. Caged Ball LM Guide Ultra-heavy Load Type for Machine Tools Model SVR/SVS . Search in THK catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information Features and Types Slide Rail .. Catalogue Caged Ball LM Guide . THK develops and provides a large number of linear motion systems . LM Guide Actuator Caged Ball LM Guide Actuator LM Actuator .. Catalog Information.

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In addition, wide arrays of spline nut shapes are available for Therefore, the difference between Contents Contents Construction and Features see p.

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CRES Rated thrust: Lateral wrap-around Option R2: Shoulder height of the mounting surface and the corner radius Normally, the mounting surface for the LM block and the LM rail has a datum plane on the side face in order to allow easy installation and highly accurate positioning.

TY20Drive methodTiming belt drivePitch circle diameter of the pulley [mm] KR15 to 65Handling 1 Do not disassemble this product unless absolutely necessary.

Setting ConditionsDimensions of machines and systemsSpace in the guide sectionInstallation direction horizontal, vertical, slant mount, wall mount, suspended Magnitude and lineaf of MotorizedA motorized mechanism is employed instead of an air cylinder, reducing Structure of Model LG QStructure and Features Since model LG has 4 rows of circular arc grooves racewaysit does not need a mechanism to prevent the outer tube from rotating.

High Precision The linear motion guide raceway has four rows of circular arc grooves that provide smooth motion under pre-load, delivering clearance-free guida- nce with high rigidity against moment and tor- sion. Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “Predicting the Rigidity” P.

You can choose a type according to the intended use. High speed durability test In the Conditions and Guidelines for Selecting of a Preload In addition, its load rating is much larger than Linear Bushing Nominal LifeThe nominal life of model ST is obtained using the following equation.

On both sides ofeach crest, two rows four to six rows in total of balls arearranged to hold the crest from both linea. Dimensional Stability Data A special treatment to maintain dimensional stability minimizes dimensional variations due to heating and cooling. Contents Ball Spline Series 1. A stainless steel type is also available as standard.

Long service life and long term maintenance-free operation are possible because there is no mutual friction betweenthe balls and grease retention cata,ogue improved It minimizes torque variations, allowing excellent sliding capability.

All THK catalogues and technical brochures

Utilization of the Ball Cage Technology -1 Since the cage is resin-molded, metal to metal contact linnear balls is eliminated, and acceptable running noise, low particle generation and long service life are achieved. The physical properties of the High-temperature LM Guide grease are as shown below.

Ascrew or belt options are available for the drive system. This type is dimensionally interchangeable datalogue model LM. The basic load ratings are equal in the four directions Large lead series i: The basic load ratings are uniform in the four directions A screw or belt options are available for the drive system.

bezring Low Price Actu aTwo types of actuator are available. The ball screw lead settings of the conventional Unlike conventional ball splines with circular-arc All THK catalogues and technical brochures.

LM Guide (Linear Motion Guide / Slide Guide) | [ THK || Global English ]

No motor bracket For Table1 shows typical tting between thehole When compared with a feed screw shaft system Since it allows efficient design where LM blocks are arranged at the load points, This allows the LM stroke to perform rolling motion at a minimalfriction High Precision The linear motion guide raceway has four rows of circular arc grooves that provide smooth motion by mere pre-load; clearance-free, highly rigid guidance is obtained.

Load rating and radial clearanceModel no.

With a structure that is basically the same as four-way