The Vachanamrut is the principle scripture of the Swaminarayan Sampraday. Using the latest technology, this application gives users a convenient medium for reading and studying the Vachanamrut. Allowing users . Gujarati Dictionary +. The Gujarati and English text side-by-side has been updated. Now, you can read the English and Gujarati side-by-side by paragraphs so it will be easier to. The Holy Scripture of the Swaminarayan Sampraday. A historical collection of spiritual discourses delivered by Lord Swaminarayan in the Gujarati language.

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Conveniently view definitions of glossary terms, footnotes, and endnotes by hovering over the term or clicking on the term. Ability to delete note, tag, bookmark directly from vachnamrut in gujarati Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta with Audio.

You will be able to go back to previous Vachanamruts and next Vachanamrut. Hindu texts Indian literature Swaminarayan sect of Hinduism.


The Vachanamrut, a compilation of spiritual discourses, is divided into 10 sections. A concise point by point outline of each Vachanamrut to help remember and review the Vachanamrut.

Swaminarayan Mandir Word Search. Read an English transliteration of the Vachanamrut and all of the above.

Online Vachanamrut ભગવાન સ્વામિનારાયણનાં વચનામૃત

This page was last edited on 25 Julyat The Gujarati vachnamrut in gujarati English text side-by-side has been updated. Gunatitanand Swami Ni Vato. When you return, click on the book icon to return to your bookmarked page. Support for Retina displays 2. Therefore, while eating, vachnamrut in gujarati, walking, engaging in any vachnamruh whatsoever – whether it be pure or impure – in fact, at all times, one should constantly keep one’s vrutti on God.

Previously, I had this much desire for God and this much desire for vachnamrut in gujarati world. Notes, tags are highlighted and it scrolls to the location where the note or tag was applied when you select the note from the list of notes, tags etc.

The significance and greatness of the Vachanamruts in the words of the Gunatit Guruparampara. Full Book of Vidur Niti in Hindi.

Notations for the sections are: Inspiring prasangs, relating to the Vachanamruts, as mentioned by the Gunatit Guruparampara and other santo-bhakto. What I vachnamrut in gujarati about to say is not said out vachnmrut any pretence, self conceit or to vwchnamrut My greatness. Shree Swaminarayan Temple Vachnamrut in gujarati. The historical events associated with Vachanamruts are mentioned in detail to make the context of the Vachanamrut clearer.

The discourses were delivered by Swaminarayan in the last decade of his life, between and CE in Gujarati. We now use directly embedded Sanskrit fonts so font scaling works correctly even for Sanskrit verses.

Retrieved June 13, There is also a translation of the Vachanamrut in Vraj-Bhasha by Brahmanand Swami, vachnamrut in gujarati favourite saint-poet of Swaminarayan. Unmatched Jul 30, It means their foundation appears to be weak and if they were to face an extremely adverse situation, their love for God would not remain stable at all. Retrieved from ” https: The discourses were transcribed by four contemporary scholarly-sadhus while they were being delivered.

If one settles one’s debts to him regularly on a monthly basis, then it would not be difficult un repay vachnamrut in gujarati debt. November 25, The Gujarati and English text side-by-side has been updated.

ભગવાન સ્વામિનારાયણનાં વચનામૃત

The exact locations, where the Vachanamruts were narrated, are also depicted through maps and images.

While maintaining one’s vrutti constantly on God in this manner, one attains that abiding elevated spiritual state. It is a landmark vachnamrut in gujarati, philosophically and in all other aspects.

Such concepts are explained in a simple structured manner with scriptural references and the words of the Gunatit Guruparampara. But if one waits to pay until the end of the year, it would be extremely difficult vachnamrut in gujarati settle the gujaarati.

Vachanamrut – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ability ij navigate to next and previous Vachanamruts using navigation buttons at the bottom Bug fixes for certain Vachanamruts vachnamrut in gujarati appearing.

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In the entire Vachanamrut there are questions out of which the Master Himself has asked only questions. Fixed bugs in Search. Stability and performance improvements